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About xQode

We're a small team of programmers and graphic designers formed in 2017. Each of us specializes in something else - Java, WWW, Python, C#, games, Minecraft, Discord, even TeamSpeak. We are open to new members - each person is a new experience, and in a sense also an inspiration.

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You won't get a project from a ready template from us. We'll serve it created from scratch - with precision and refinement of every detail.


We do not use outdated technologies.

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We put love in every project we're working on.

Meet us

Jakub Pilachowski

Chief Executive Officer

Michał Prusak

Chief Technology Officer

Jakub Wiczkowski


Szymon Woźniak


Adrian Konkol


Krzysztof Zajączkowski

Junior Developer

Jędrzej Gortel

Junior Developer

Stanisław Kowański

Junior Developer

Norbert Daniluk

Junior Developer

Oliwia Nowakowska

Junior Developer

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